Novella/Novel Submissions AMENDED

Novella Info

Novella open reading period opens 4/15/2009 - closes 6/15/2009

Word length limits: 25,000 - 65,000 words

Genres preferred: Horror, non-fiction Heavy Metal-themed

Payment: $25.00 advance for single-author eBooks with potential royalties*

Typical response time: 6-8 weeks

Reprints accepted: query

Electronic submissions accepted only

E-mail address for submissions, questions or queries:

Type of electronic submission accepted: attached word doc

What do we require for a first submissions package?: synopsis, FIRST three chapters, short bio

Simultaneous submissions accepted: no

Multiple submissions accepted: no

Name of fiction editor: David A. Rose

What rights do we ask for? First electronic serial rights

* Our eBooks will generally sell for around $2.99... we offer the $25.00 advance, but an author can earn royalties after each 150 eBooks sold as follows:
~ 1-149 eBooks sold = $25.00 flat advance
~ 150-300 eBooks sold = an additional $25.00
~ 301-450 eBooks sold = a additional $25.00
~ 451-600 eBooks sold = You get the idea...
ALL of the authors will receive monthly sales statements to see where your eBook stands and how your sales compare to the other authors


Vermin anthology

Sometimes I wonder about writers...

We've managed to post about the upcoming "Vermin" anthology in as many places as we know about, and I guess it is working to get the word out about the upcoming eBook anthology, because...

No less than five writers have already sent us their stories for the eBook...

Which would be great, if they had bothered to read the part where we aren't open to subs until April 15th.

Also, we've gotten three queries that basically all say: 'I have the perfect story for your antho, and I know you'll love it so much, so can I send it to you now to get a jump on the stories you'll be rejecting?'

As I am fairly new to the publishing world, I'm curious if any of my fellow publisher friends has run into the same thing...

David A. Rose

Rymfire eBook Submission Period Opening Soon!

Rymfire eBooks

is now open!

Besides working with Carnifex Metal eBooks with their

Metal Queens and An eBook Tribute To... series and upcoming Heavy Metal Horror eBook

we will be announcing our own upcoming titles

such as... we will be continuing the Carnifex Press anthology series

Revenant, Florida Horror (as a themed eBook anthology series State of Horror), the cancelled Vermin anthology, and more!

We will also be accepting novella-length horror tales for eBook releases as well!

Rymfire eBooks
David A. Rose

An eBook Tribute To... needs YOU!

Carnifex Metal eBooks is proud to announce our latest eBook project!


An eBook Tribute To... series of eBooks in 2009!


The first four eBooks will be




And we want to hear from fans of any of the bands!


Just e-mail us at  for further information (and tell us which of the four bands you are interested in!)

Rymfire eBooks and Carnifex Metal eBooks

Carnifex Press has officially closed its doors, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

First, Armand Rosamilia has been busy with his Carnifex Metal eBook company

Putting out non-fiction eBooks on Heavy Metal like "Metal Queens" and the "An eBook Tribute To..." series


Rymfire eBooks, a new company, has decided to make Carnifex Metal eBooks an Imprint of their company and release all of the Carnifex Metal eBooks as well as do an eventual Heavy Metal-themed fiction eBook series!

In addition, Rymfire eBooks will be taking over where Carnifex Press left off (except for the mismanagement part!) by releasing eBook novellas from great horror authors, anthologies (including, perhaps, continuing the "Revenant Horror" line as well as the "Florida Horror" sequels, plus the never-released "Vermin" anthology...

In short, you can look for quite a few projects in 2009/2010 from

Rymfire eBooks...

Official website coming soon, so watch for it!

Carnifex Metal eBooks now part of Rymfire eBooks

Carnifex Metal eBooks 

is proud to announce that we've been added as part of the eBook company 

Rymfire eBooks 

who will be distributing all of our eBooks as well as giving us free reign to create even more unique eBooks about Heavy Metal and more! 

Stay tuned for further details...

Our first Fiction eBook will be coming soon as well, so keep an eye out and join our mailing list from