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"Vermin" anthology Update and Novella Update

The reading period for the "Vermin" horror anthology as well as the open period for Novella submissions started Wednesday.

So far, the initial turnout has been excellent.

Lets break it down for you:

"Vermin" story submissions as of 4/17/2009 11am:   60
Initial Rejections: 4
Open slots in anthology:  15
Returning stories previously accepted:  3
Remaining slots:  12

Keith Gouveia, Chuck Wendig and James F Reilly all have short stories already accepted in the anthology, but the other 12 slots are wide-open. I will tell you that the three stories accepted so far have the following 'vermin' involved: bugs, squirrels and rats.

As for the Novella Submissions as of 4/17/2009 11am: 12
Initial Rejections: 2

We are also looking at reprinting a release that Carnifex Press had previously put out that we love, and to answer the question we seem to get the most... YES, we will look at your novella even if it's been printed elsewhere before, as long as it is out of print now.

More to come... keep the submissions coming in!

Less than a month until the "Heavy Metal Horror" anthology opens, and we'll be adding a few more surprises coming up quickly as well... if you join our mailing list from our website you'll get first look (and advanced notice to submit) to the many other Horror anthologies we have coming out in late 2009 and into 2010 and beyond.


David A. Rose


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